Saturday, July 23, 2011

Progenex Part 2

So if you've read the first part of my Progenex review than you'll know there is a second part. To give a quick re-cap of what I talked about was the protein is a high quality, maybe the highest grade hydro-whey you can buy on the market. The idea behind this product is to provide the fastest possible recovery by providing the fastest absorbing whey protein. So now you may be wondering if it is just a marketing ploy or if it is actually the real deal. I've had over a week with this stuff and I will give you my initial reactions + beach body.
Let me first start by recapping some of the flavoring I've gotten to know them quite well over the week. The chocolate is a bit weak for me, if you mix 2 packets (2 scoops) it has a stronger flavor that is much better, but one scoop on its own should not be mixed with much water. The Vanilla on the other hand which is called Tropical Vanilla is stronger. It has almost a pina colada type flavor to it which didn't sit well with me. So I can only recommend the chocolate flavor to people. If you don't mind a tropically vanilla type flavor than you will be good to go with that!
Now to the main part, the recovery aspect. Its been an intense week of lifting and it would seem to me that after starting taking progenex post workout than you will find out your in for a suprise. Who would think that a protein would be able to help so much, especially when using an isolate or blend of some kind. I noticed the next day I was not as sore and I also found out that I felt more refreshed in my next workout. Again you might be thinking I am being paid to say that or am a sponsor of progenex. I am in no way benefiting by lieing to my readers.
The main turn away of this product is the price. It is quite expensive you can find 10% discounts for this post workout protein. Never the less if you have some extra money and want to invest into something that will actually help than go for it. It will help you recover faster, nothing to the point that you will become some super athlete but it will help. It sure beats other "miracle" products that companies claim to be the next breakthrough. This product helps and it does a good job at it. Nothing signifigant but notiecable and its a good place to put some money towards.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Progenex! I think it tastes great with water - like a chocolate milkshake - and I saw great results very quickly! It seems pricey, but it's worth it - it works wonders! :)