Thursday, July 14, 2011

What A&C Media Does! NJ Web Design

Well here is your answer. We are the future of exposure. Generic right? Yeah, but how else would you explain a company that constantly evolves with whats the latest and greatest. Everyday we look for new products, services, even people, and think “How can we make that better?” Our job is to make you more successful. Now right now your thinking “Uh,how do you plan on doing that?” Well luckily the answer is simple (for us at least). We step back and take a look at you, your product, and what kind of message you want to send out to people. We always like to say Your business is our business. We want what is best for you and only you. So then we sit and think. As soon as we are done thinking we come back to you with a very nice book. Now hold on kiddies, everyone gets a book. But heres the kicker, they are all different (Don’t worry, they all have pictures). We sit down and start from the bottom and work our way up the (NJ SEO) “what do you need“ ladder. In the end you have a custom built package that works for you, your company, and lastly, your message. Thats the whole point of advertising right? To tell people about how great you are. If your advertising isn’t great, well then you probably don’t look so great (Sorry). Now, go back to that book of greatness we gave you. See how it isn’t just a piece of paper with a bunch of words you don’t know and a price on it. Yeah, we do more then that. Your probably looking at that great website template we made up. Oh man, is that an online store!?! Yes, yes it is. Flip that page and you’ll find a wonderland of print ad variations. Pick one or all of them, they are all yours. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you see a bunch of things with your name on them. Those are your new business cards, mailers, and brochures. It just keeps on getting better and better! So now your thinking “What DONT these guys do?” Uh (thinking), we do anything and everything with you name on it. So yeah, we do a lot. Now back to the book. (NJ Advertising) The final chapter is……….(drumroll)……… GRAPHS!! Hey, this roller coaster has to go down some time. While it may not seem like it, this is the best part. Those graphs your looking at are projections of how much your business is going to grow when we are done. There is even a graph for how quickly you new website is going to be ranked #1 on google. #1? Yep, we can do that too. With a little magic and something called Search Engine Optimization (big word). Basically we take your website or even one that you already have and edit it to increase rankings. So every time someone types in kittens (even that stupid icanhazcheezeburgerz thing) your pet shop with show up, right there on the front page. Cool right? Yep, we thought so. Well, as we wind down this party there are a couple things that you should know. What we do makes us the best. In fact #1 for advertising, web design, and SEO in New Jersey. Go ahead, Google it. Find it? Shouldn’t be too hard considering its at the top spot. Just remember, we do more then the other guys. We are there every step of the way promoting what you do. If there is something you cant do (doubtful), we will find the best person to do it. Thats what make us who we are. Consultants. Better business is what we do best.  (NJ Web Design)

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