Friday, July 29, 2011

Information on Supplements

So I’ve been watching this company closely as its formulator was LG Sciences original formulator Eric. They started coming out with plenty of interesting products and innovative ideas. Than a sample was sent off and tested to see what was really inside the product (7-KE) and it turned out it may not be what was originally in it. So the results where put on a forum post by another member who supposedly sent Patrick the sample. Now they are coming out with a new anabolic hormone, that doesn’t seem as promising….
This is where the story gets more and more interesting Taurus Nutrition’s 5aOHP a beach body and muscle building agent. So it would seem until it comes down to the science it converts supposedly at an extremely low rate to DHT a not very potent muscle builder and there are better agents out there. So now there seems to be a new Owner of Taurus “Big K” (???). “Big K” has filed a lawsuit vs. Patrick because he does not like what Patrick is saying or rather more inferring. This is not a great way to launch a new brand especially when your products are only well known through the more educated and informed bodybuilding crowd. Which for the most part stand behind Patricks more or less infromation he provides.
If Taurus thinks they can just slam lawsuits on anyone who speaks about their products in a negative light than they are no company I want to deal with. I can only ask that anyone who reads about this, knows PHF forums, will stop conversing and buying or using Taurus products. I would like to see them fail and disappear for handling themselves extremely unprofessional, let alone not letting their products speak for themselves instead letting their lawyer speak for them.
A bad practice and an even worse company. If you wish to survive in this industry you aren’t showing it.
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