Monday, August 15, 2011

Perfect Weight Loss Solutions!

Section 1: Beach Body through Meal Replacement Shakes!

Ninety percent of dieters regain the weight they lost within 12 months. Meal replacement beverages might be the key to long-term weight control. More than 10 studies have shown that meal replacements as part of a reduced-calorie diet program are effective for helping people lose weight and keep it off especial for a good beach body.
Spanish researchers studied weight maintenance for six months in people who previously lost at least 5 percent of their bodyweight during a six-month weight reduction diet. Half the people substituted a low-calorie liquid meal at dinnertime, while the other half followed a reduced-calorie diet. In the liquid meal group, 84 percent were able to maintain weight or lose additional weight, compared to 58 percent in the diet group. This was another study showing the value of low-calorie liquid meals for weight maintenance. Substituting a liquid meal only one or two times per week might be enough to promote weight maintenance and prevent overeating. (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 63: 1226-1232, 2009)

Section 2: Beach Body Protein Shake Recipes

Beach Body Morning Shake:
What your going to need.
4 Large Frozen Strawberries
½ Banana (pref. Frozen, but unfrozen works)
½ Cup of Oatmeal
Orange Juice
Light & Fit 80 Calorie Yogurt
Protein Powder (Vanilla or Straw or Banana is preferable)
In a blender add the strawberries, banana, yogurt, and orange juice (just enough to cover the ingredients). Blend nice and smooth, now add in oatmeal and turn up to make sure it pulverizes it (so you don’t taste bits of oatmeal). Now add protein depending on how thick you would like it blend for a short or long amount of time. Enjoy!
Beach Body Post-Workout Shake:
What you will need:
2 tbps Honey
Half Banana
Favorite Protein Powder (Mine is Xtreme Formulations 2.0 Cinnamon Roll)
In a blender add ice, banana, and milk. Blend (depending on thickness add more or less milk) while blending add in honey. Lastly again depending on thickness add in your favorite protein powder and bend for a short or long time to get thickness down.
Beach Body Cutter’s Shake
What you will need:
Half Banana
Favorite Protein Powder (Mine is Xtreme Formulations 2.0 Cinnamon Roll)
In a blender add water, ice, banana (enough water to cover the top of ice). Blend until smooth than add in protein powder.

Section 3: The best tasting Proteins!

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Trutein: Vanilla, Chocolate, Choc Covered Strawberries
Xtreme Formulations Ultra Peptide 2.0: Cinnamon Roll, Lemon Cream Pie, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry
Gaspari Myofusion: Chocolate, Cookies & Cream
Muscle Pharm Combat Powder: Cookies & Cream, Chocolate

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