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Practical Guide to Improving your Business

You may have read my other practical guides I have been writing, but here is one that fits extremely well with this forum!

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Practical Guide To Improving your Product/Service:

Problem 1: The Same Service/Product
I watch new people all the time thinking they have some great product or some amazing new service. The problem is in this day and age it has already been done. You may think your idea is special or unique, but chances are there’s a replica of it out there somewhere.  Don’t take the above statement the wrong way you can very easily succeed doing the same old stuff that everyone else has done.

Answer 1: Making yourself different
You are going to be offering your product or service very soon and you are extremely excited about it. You launch your product and a month rolls around and it seems it hasn’t any traction. Here is the breaking point for most people, they had that stellar idea and now it seems to be dead. It’s time to breathe new life into your beast. The first step is to make yourself different and special. It’s a tough question but take my industry/service (SEO/Web Design/Advertising) I need to make myself stand out.

So what do I do you may ask? Well the answer is simple I find a niche within my industry to separate myself from the pack. I am willing to work with almost any budget and I don’t turn people away because they don’t offer me enough money. You would be amazed at how many web designers demand incomprehensible rates, refuse to work with small clients, and are very robotic/automated responses. I like to help the small guys (we are small ourselves) but I don’t turn anyone away, I am willing to work with the clients to devise methods of attack. So right here is my niche within the industry, it makes a somewhat differentiated approach to the common thought.

Problem 2: No one knows about my idea!
The biggest reason your idea is not catching on or has run into a dry spell is people do not know about it. You have tried talking about it, you’ve tried some SEO service, and you’ve tried some advertising campaign but nothing seems to be the gas on the fire.

Answer 2: Simple Marketing Goes A Long Way 
The easiest way to light the fuse to your business is simple marketing techniques. You don’t need the expensive services, you don’t need some huge firm behind you, you need creativity. We talked about building your special niche before now with that do a small marketing campaign. The first thing I do is always talk about what I do with other people. I don’t force it down their throats but I do know the right time just to mention it. It is not always what you know…but who you know. Word of mouth is more powerful than anything else in the marketing world.

Test the waters with your ideas, logos, marketing spin. For instance I made up postcards with a neat marketing twist on it. Got 500 printed and so far after work I road my bike around a few local neighborhoods and dropped them off in mailboxes. I dropped 125 off so far and already got one phone call a day after, and a few people that have run into me telling them to give me a call. It cost $60-80 for post cards to be printed.

SEO is another key aspect if you read my practical guide to SEO than you will know that picking the right niche/keywords can make all the difference. Don’t go after the big fish, go after the pond that has tons of small fish in it. You can do the majority of the work yourself or hire someone who can do it for a minor cost and really start to see leads pouring in.

Problem 3: I have my idea/marketing but just can’t seem to push it over the edge!

You’ve created you product and service. You’ve differentiated yourselves but still nothing is happening. You are ready to give up and find something else, but wait.

Answer 3: Troubleshoot

This is the golden key to make your business idea take that last step to success. You need to sit down analyze your idea/service and find all its weak parts, where it doesn’t perform correctly, what could be better. Talk to your friends/family and say my feeling won’t be hurt, where do you see problems with what I offer. I promise you, you will be told things you’ve never thought of. Its amazing to see through the eyes of others. Most of the time you are so indulged in the product you forget everyone does not have the same knowledge as you.

Also look at your competition; you will always have competition for your product/service. Type into google and find out what other people are doing. I’ve picked up more ideas from others than I have originated my selves. I’ve learned to take others ideas and twist them and warp them into my idea in a unique fashion. Competition is a amazing with how much you can borrow from!

Lastly all ideas are not meant to be, because something appeals to you, does not mean it appeals to everyone. I’ve come up with tons of ideas and you would be surprised how many have failed before I found one that I knew was great…and so did everyone else!

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